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DEMONS' SCORE THD l Version: 1.2 | Size: 8.49MB
Developers: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd. | Language:English

Try to completely conquer each stage by gaining the powers of Hell!
■Supported Devices
This game can only be played on select devices equipped with a Tegra 3 CPU.
■Downloading and Installing
- Please ensure a stable wireless signal before downloading.
- Downloading and installation times may vary.
Get ready for off-the-hook break beat action. Surrender to the rhythm and tap like hell. Brave furious battles that combine stunning graphics and amazing background music!
First released in Fall 2012 for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, DEMONS' SCORE is now available on Google Play!
■ Story
Where are you, Dad?
Salem, Massachusetts
Present day
Serenity is just your average college girl, but when she suddenly loses contact with her father Dr. Aleister, she sets out to find him at the Salem State Hospital & Asylum where he works.
Serenity arrives to finds she barely recognizes the hospital anymore. Stepping warily into the shattered ruins, she meets a talking teddy bear.
Introducing himself as David, the talking teddy bear claims to have once been human, but when Serenity asks him about her father’s whereabouts, countless demons suddenly appear.
Just before her father disappeared, he had sent a mysterious app to her smartphone.
Known as the Demons' Score, the app is a powerful program that enables her to take control of demons that possess her body.
Where has her father gone? How will she ever find him? And what’s up with that talking teddy bear? Serenity’s battle to the tune of Hell’s minions is about to begin.
■ Game Features
• Break beat action in which you battle demons in time to the rhythm.
• Stunning graphics driven by the Unreal Engine.
• Thrilling battle scenes and a story that sucks you in.
• Fierce battles with boss demons, all portrayed using dramatic camerawork.
• Once you complete a stage in Story mode, you can purchase the powers of boss demons that you defeated.
• You can change the demon powers Serenity controls by having different demons possess her.
• Having different demons possess Serenity expands gameplay and battle scenes.
• Serenity's costumes change according to the demon that is possessing her.
• Abilities, voices, and special attacks vary by the possessing demon.
• Helpful items are also available in case you get stuck.
• Enjoy two game modes: Story Mode and Free Mode.
• Select the difficulty level you want to play. Easy, Normal, and Hard are available, but to enjoy the entire story, you have to... (You'll just have play to find out!)
This Tegra-based version delivers amazing high-end graphics with all of the following:
・The Rim Lighting feature, which yields more dramatic actions and movements by bringing brilliant highlights to character outlines in backlit scenes.
・Enhanced photorealism and three-dimensionality of characters with the Bloom feature, which produces a stunning diffusion of light in extremely bright conditions.
・A depth of field created by focusing the camera on the character and blurring both background and foreground, lending even more realism to the game.
・Twice the resolution of other versions of the game, resulting in higher-quality and sharper graphics across the board.
Try to completely conquer each stage by gaining the powers of Hell!
■ Supported Languages
Subtitles/Text: English, French, Spanish
Voice: English

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