From the creators of Running Fred!
A new hero, a new adventure! Help Jack to escape from the evil train of Dr. Jaykovich!
SuperSonic Jack
SuperSonic Jack l Version: 1.0.39 | Size: 34.63MB
Developers: Dedalord | Language: English
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Viking Town had been invaded by three powerful ancient demons and their slaves. The king was old, and his power was not enough, so he call all the heroes together and you are one of them. Tomorrow you will be on the road to fight for your town.Do not ruin your honor, hero! Fight!
Viking Hero Legend
Viking Hero Legend l Version: 1.1.3 | Size: 22.55MB
Developers: Zongchenxi Sun | Language: English
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Crush enemies and become a hero in Eternity Warriors 4, the latest addition to the hit RPG series!
Eternity Warriors 4
Eternity Warriors 4 l Version: 0.3.1 | Size: 12.85MB
Developers: Glu | Language: English
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Little Bandits is a fantasy western RPG with cute characters and an expansive narrative! Amass a pool of powerful heroes to battle through unique challenges and solve the mystery of the disappearing dowsers.
Little Bandits
Little Bandits l Version: 1.1.0 | Size: 40.36MB
Developers: Kongregate | Language: English
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Candy Bang Mania is the new casual hit game that perfectly combines puzzle and action in a magical candy-coated package that you just can’t resist.
Candy Bang Mania
Candy Bang Mania l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 39.76MB
Developers: OMI Webdesign | Language: English
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With PRO FEEL GOLF, everyone can experience real-world golf action with more realism and precision than ever before.
Pro Feel Golf
Pro Feel Golf l Version: 2.0.1 | Size: 18.49MB
Developers: Behaviour Interactive | Language: English
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Move through the river without hitting any obstacles! Explore different locations while drifting down the river! Collect gems to unlock awesome new characters and boats!
Magic River
Magic River l Version: 1.0 | Size: 38.15MB
Developers: Ketchapp | Language: English
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Disguised in the playful doodle is a thrilling multiplayer experience where high skills are rewarded.
Scribbled Arena - PocketEd
Scribbled Arena - PocketEd l Version: 0.8.0 | Size: 33.93MB
Developers: Apar Games | Language: English
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In Virus Plague – Pandemic Madness your task is to eradicate all humanity via the deadliest virus that you evolve during the game. At the very start you should choose the territory that you want to infect first, then you are to track mutations and spread your disease.
Virus Curse - Pandemic Madness
Virus Curse - Pandemic Madness l Version: 2 | Size: 36.27MB
Developers: Teen Rulez | Language: English
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In this game you can feel the atmosphere of lowriders, to play with any of the 31 available cars.
Lowriders Comeback -Music Game
Lowriders Comeback -Music Game l Version: 1.2 | Size: 22.72MB
Developers: Montana Games | Language: English
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