Space Run

Space Run
Space Run l Version:2.0 | Size:11.35MB
Developers:TechTreeIT Systems | Language:English

Space Run is a fast-paced four-lane adventure space game.
Space Run is a fast-paced four-lane adventure that will test your maneuvering skills and endurance to the core. Along the way you’ll find a lot of obstacles. Your job is to avoid them as you drive. Should you not do so, you’ll crash; and then, there won’t be anymore adventures, but only tears!
Need more speed? Run over speed strips to crank it up a notch and challenge your limits. Drive crazily, but sensibly.
With high-quality graphics, realistic physics, and adrenaline-pumping moments, Space Run is a game that gets you addicted to it the moment you fasten your seatbelts!
Good luck!
Space Run

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