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Half Life - Dot Kich

Half Life - Dot Kich
Half Life - Dot Kich l Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 8.33MB
Developers: Mobifox Corp | Language: English

Half Life (referred to as HL) is a video game theme science fiction genre first person shooter (FPS)
Half Life was developed by Valve Corporation and published by Sierra Entertainment on 11.19.1998, with GOLDSOURCE engine is built based on the Quake engine. Game has many critics praised the computer game storyline and depth of it, it will greatly impact the other FPS games developed in later years.
Along with the top apps like facebook, racing, vo lam, Zalo, mp3, cut the rope, where my water, game loft, need for speed, battle zombies, in 100, a millionaire who, olympia, dot size, half life ..., Half life, shooting has become more attractive with the Vietnamese. Download alone What are you waiting!,
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Enemies in the game are quite rich, including creatures from Xen to Headcrab, Bullsquid, Houndeye or as soldiers in the HECU forces, commandos ... Monsters in the game are quite diverse. Most can be killed by direct confrontations, especially the "boss" for each chapter forces the player to manipulate environmental factors to kill duoc.Gan end game, players get " long jump module "to help them finish the game screen in the planet Xen - where the topography and gravity is very different from Earth.
Let's play Half life and feeling, raid, shooting with the classic game as a pikachu, pokemon, caro, line 98, terminal board, chess, big and beige, haivl ...
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Half Life - Dot Kich
Half Life - Dot Kich
Half Life - Dot Kich

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