Fairy Dale

Fairy Dale
Fairy Dale l Version: 1.0 | Size: 63.07MB
Developers: GIGL | Language: English

The imaginary place known as Fairy Dale requires a Keeper—someone to lead the Dale back to its former glory and save it from a mystical menace. On the way home, you will encounter the fairy tale heroes who inhabit these parts, oversee the construction of magical buildings, manage production and trade, embark on long voyages, unravel the mysteries of the evil Gloomy Sorcerer, and participate in a number of other events that are just as breathtakingly fascinating.
• Become the Keeper of a fairy tale world and unravel all of its mysteries
• Lead the Fairy Dale back to its former glory
• Manage a family of hard-working mice, who will help you cope with the hardest tasks
• Explore snowy mountain summits and impenetrable forests
• Foil the mighty Gloomy Sorcerer's wicked plans
• Grant wishes and give assignments to the characters of famous fairy tales
• Build magic factories and produce magical artifacts
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Fairy Dale
Fairy Dale
Fairy Dale
Fairy Dale
Fairy Dale

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