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Lost Chapters HD

Lost Chapters HD
Lost Chapters HD l Version: 1.006 | Size: 20.07MB
Developers: NEXTERS LIMITED | Language: English

Lost Chapters HD is a MARVELOUS quest game that tells the back story of LOST ISLAND HD! A team of pathfinders set out on a journey to a mysterious island in a search for ancient artefacts. They have no idea what dangers they are going to face!
• LAUNCH DIGGINGS! Every square feet of ground hides incredible treasures. Just go and get them!
• UPGRADE THE LABORATORY! No expedition can be sent out without proper research. Cutting-edge technology is the key to success!
• CAPTURE NEW LANDS! Local residents are ready to give you a part of their lands if you help them fight the monsters! - Check out our Facebook page where you can exchange promo codes, request assistance and find new friends!
Lost Chapters HD
Lost Chapters HD
Lost Chapters HD

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