Akasha l Version: 1.0.4 | Size: 29.43MB
Developers: GAMEVIL | Language: English

[Google Play Store 2nd-Year Anniversary Evemt! 3/5 - 3/13]
1. Develop Your Character!
Reach the target level for items and K-Points!
- Reach Lv 55: 1 Hell Weapon + Full Hell Armor Set + 300 KP
- Reach Lv 44: 1 Hell Weapon + 3 Hell Armors + 200 KP
- Reach Lv 33: 1 Hell Weapon + 1 Hell Armor + 100 KP
※ Rewards will be given on 3/17.
※ This event only applies on characters reaching the target level during the event.
※ Rewards will be given once per account. Only the highest target level reward will be given.
2. Great Chance to Get Popular Items!
Get popular equipment and items from Product of the Day!
Up to 50% OFF!! WOW!!
3. Additional K-Points Event!!
Buy K-Points now and get 10% bonus KP!
An entirely new MORPG has arrived!
Enjoy this spectacularly addictive action-oriented game you won't be able to put down!!
The Fighter uses his brute strength to wreak havoc through the enemy camp!
The Archer utilizes her speed and quickness to destroy her enemies!
The Sorceress is untouchable with her powerful magic!
Experience this MOAction RPG through its fast, dynamic party-matching system!
- Play with friends! Attack the monstrous boss through party play and receive special rewards!!
- Play solo or with others! You can play however you choose through Akasha’s special party-matching system!
Akasha’s never-before-seen system is a potential game-changer for all RPGs!
- Absorb HP and Mana, Increase Strength, Upgrade your items, and more!
- Equip Rare Akashas and take advantage of the higher stats!
- With a unique combination of Akashas, create an even stronger character!
How far can you go? Enter the special dungeons!
- A dungeon playable in a wave format? Fortress of Trials!
- Defeat powerful elite monsters within the allotted time! Sealed Tower!
- Defend the Sealed Tower from the endless wave of enemies! Brite Castle Siege!
Play this nerve-wracking, electrifying game any and everywhere!
- There is only one hero from the continent of Yavrani! Become one true hero through PvP battles!
- Through random draws, you get the chance to pick Rare or Heaven grade items!
Enjoy the optimized Full Network System in Akasha!
- Create parties with the friends you meet in the villages! Communicate with your friends through live voice-chatting!
- Pick Items! Upgrade Gems! Have fun with the variety of Amity Stars through the “Amity Star” system!
The Story of Akasha--
Akasha, an ancient rune created through the deaths of witches...
Virtuous citizens in possession of Mana were forced to give up their lives for the creation of Akasha,
The runaway have now returned to Yavrani to stand against the forces of evil..
An adventure that began with revenge… turns a young boy into a hero!

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