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3D Rhythm Action R-tap US

3D Rhythm Action R-tap US
3D Rhythm Action R-tap US l Version: 1.0.9 | Size: 22.15MB
Developers: SK Planet Co Ltd., | Language:English

Revolution Tap, or R-Tap, is an awesome new game that lets you enjoy music in an action-packed setting!
R-Tap enhances the rhythm-based game app experience with two distinct modes!
R-Tap is based on classic rhythm-based game apps, but maximizes the game experience and music enjoyment through the introduction of new modes and the addition of various control methods.
* Two Modes – Rhythm Tap & Rhythm Run
Rhythm Tap – the classic mode: Keep the music playing by tapping the screen when the falling music markers enter the highlighted “Decision Bar.” Various markers and column settings create a fun and heart-pumping music game experience.
Rhythm Run – a new spin on rhythm-based games: Pick a captivating 3D character, make a song selection and navigate your character through the music track course! Assorted markers amplify the challenge and keep players on the edge of their seats.
* R-Tap includes a variety of levels so players of all skill levels can enjoy.
* There are over 10 different game mode variations in R-Tap so users can enjoy playing any song at the level of their choice.
How to Play
Rhythm Tap – Music markers fall down the screen to the beat of the music. When the markers enter the highlighted “Decision Bar” tap the screen in the appropriate marker column.
Long Marker – Tap and hold the beat until the tail ends.
Continuous Marker – Similar to a basic marker but you can reach the marker without lifting your finger.
Number marker – These markers have numbers shown above them. Quickly tap the screen as many times as the number above the marker indicates before the next marker comes.
Rhythm Run – Tap the screen to the beat of the markers that appear along the Rhythm Runner's Road! Swipe up or down to move your character as the track changes directions.
3D Rhythm Action R-tap US
3D Rhythm Action R-tap US
3D Rhythm Action R-tap US

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