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Blade and Sword RPG Fight

Blade and Sword RPG Fight
Blade and Sword RPG Fight l Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 48.64MB
Developers: Red Tofu | Language: English

Explore and fight enemies and bosses through the dungeons to collect hundreds of items and rewards in this top rated Blade & Sword Action RPG Fight game. You won’t be disappointed for sure!
It’s time for a true hero like you to slash hundreds of enemies and massive bosses with your sword and blade.
Have a taste of full action RPG by slashing and swiping enemies in your path. It is just so addictive.
Collect and use range of weapons, armors and items in this action packed combat world.
Upgrade and equip items strategically to improve your hero stats in order to fight against different enemies and bosses in this exciting RPG world. It can be very challenging!
Join the exciting and intensive dungeon fight now and guide your hero to victory!
Note: Blade & Sword Action RPG Fight is totally free to download and play!
You are always welcomed to purchase diamonds for drawing rare pets, weapons, armors and instant items to expand upon your gameplay experience.
Swipe your finger across the screen to slash the enemies with your blade or sword like a true hero and ninja. Be careful of their attacks! Use 2 fingers to block them. Fight and battle to collect the dungeon’s loot. Competitive Action RPG style - you may even pick up rare items, weapons and armors! Are you ready to start the action packed battle?
Equip the items collected from the dungeon’s loot to make yourself even stronger. With hundreds of items to equip, you can have many combinations to customise the best hero. Each weapon and armor is unique, so equip the one you want the most!
Slot-based inventory management system for you to keep the best weapons and armors for future dungeon and tower battles.
Equip your hero with Allies to battle with you through the action packed dungeons. Each pet is unique and there’s virtually no limit to the different Pet combinations for each dungeon RPG battle.
Over 180 challenging battles with different levels of difficulty. Encounter different enemies and bosses through the action packed dungeons. You can spend over 100 hours of unlimited hack and slash fun gameplay.
BATTLE through the secret tower to gain more rare items, weapons and armors. How far can you go in this challenge?
You can receive valuable coins and weapons to build an even stronger hero. After finishing Blade & Sword Action RPG Fight, there may be still much more to do!
More playable and exciting contents to come in the future updates in Blade & Sword Action RPG Fight! Stay Tuned!
If you like RPG, social games with missions, wars, weapons and action, you will definitely love Blade & Sword Action RPG Fight.
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Blade and Sword RPG Fight
Blade and Sword RPG Fight
Blade and Sword RPG Fight

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