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Under Fire: Invasion

Under Fire: Invasion
Under Fire: Invasion l Version: 1.1.05 | Size: 32.56MB
Developers: RJ GAMES LIMITED | Language:English

✪ Most wanted Facebook strategy sci-fi game, now available for Android users exclusively!✪
✯✯✯ Description ✯✯✯
"Under Fire: Invasion" is an unique fusion of strategy and action, city-building and roleplaying game in the genre of sci-fi.
Our Galaxy is Under Fire! Confederation of Free Worlds trembles under the onslaught of countless enemies: Swarm monsters, deadly robots, renegade generals and space pirates.
We need a leader who will unite humanity and liberate Earth. We need you, General!
Your role is to become a General and move ahead humanity from space invaders in the face of external and internal threats. Will humanity continue to be the dominant force in the star galaxy or will we be enslaved? Only you can answer this question!
✯✯✯ Features ✯✯✯
✔ Space combat RPG game
✔ Unique combination of strategy and action game
✔ Fascinating and addicting gameplay
✔ Epic storyline about the struggle for human survival and dominance in the galaxy
✔ Free to play with optional in-app purchases
✔ Compare with both phone and tablet Android devices
* RPG strategy
* PvE combats
* Random missions
* Global star map
* Dynamic battles on planets and in space
* Option of organizing expeditions to search for lost technologies
* Support you troops with extra artillery during the action of starwar
* Units and monsters AI
* Build and upgrade your space base
* Improve your soldiers and troops with dozens types of equipment
* Manage your base into a space fortress
✯✯✯ GRAPHICS ✯✯✯
* Advanced graphics
* Lots of visual effects
* Cutting-edge interface
* More than 100 unit-battle on the single screen
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Under Fire: Invasion
Under Fire: Invasion
Under Fire: Invasion

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