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The Silent Dark

The Silent Dark
The Silent Dark l Version: 1.8 | Size: 44.82MB
Developers: GUA | Language: English

Experience the first person survival horror game which includes amazing puzzles.
If you like Slender, you'll like it too.Search an old, abandoned house and collect any valuables but be careful - there are rumors of a ghost haunting the building.
Experience fear and deep horrifying atmosphere.
Extremely addictive horror game.
Scariest game you have ever seen in Android.
Creepy and spooky atmosphere.
Hardest Game with enigmatic puzzles.
You have never played creepy paranormal stories like this.
You have never played a indie game like The Silent Dark.
Not like other indie horrors.
You will see the origin of Exorcist.
You can't open your eyes when you playing The Silent Dark.
Its the spot for mans.
Fear is behind you.
Hold your device carefully because it may fall down!
An Android game like nothing else you have seen on the format to date.
It is gripping,atmospheric and elegantly designed horror game.
For the best experience recommended to play in dark with headphones.
The game is based on a true story.You must live that realistic and true story as a head actor.
-Smooth controls with touch pads.
-Real creepy stories
-Amazing atmosphere.
- Long gameplay.
-Realistic models and true based story.
-Big maps.
-Auto save function.
-Amazing puzzles to solve.
- Hard mazes.
-Fantastical pick up and play design.
-Easy to start, hard to put down the secrets of The Silent Dark
-When you skip the intro you are in the garden.
-In the garden you must find the wrench.
-When you find the wrench you have to walk around and find a large gate which is going to the Haunted Manor.
-You have to solve maze.
-When you solve the maze you must knock the manor's door and you are now in.
-Main Story begins in the haunted manor.You will we scared.
The Silent Dark
The Silent Dark
The Silent Dark

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