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Armorslays 2

Armorslays 2
Armorslays 2 l Version: 1.0 | Size: 15.65MB
Developers: Centurysoft International Limited | Language:English

Armorslays Version 2 Launch!!
Armorslays Version 1 was over 1,500,000 players and Got No.1 Action Game in Asia. We collect players’ suggestion to launch Version 2.
Armorslays sends hundreds of bosses and their minions to threaten your Front Lines, your Seabase and Jungle Territory. You are completely on your own! It is lucky that you are a survivor, a robot who bears several weapons and has the ability to fight on land and sea.
Armorslays utilizes a fast and easy to use digital joystick navigation. It allows you to use two fingers at once: One for movement, the other to shoot your gun or pull your sword. The more enemies that die, the more money you will earn. But be sure to invest it wisely. Spend your hard-earned cash on a new robot look or perhaps more powerful weapons or even special boosts which will make you stronger that give you a boost for land, sea or sky battles.
If you have any suggestion, please feedback me in review list. We must do the best to upgrade this game.
New features in Ver. 2 :
- Armor Level Up
- Eight different Armor characters
- Stage mode for each Map
- More powerful weapons
- Innumerable bosses and minions waiting for their defeat
Armorslays 2
Armorslays 2

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