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The Mighty Hero (Unreleased)

The Mighty Hero (Unreleased)
The Mighty Hero (Unreleased) l Version: 1.0 | Size: 26.17MB
Developers: Lemon Jam Studio ​| Language: English

A pixel graphic side scroller with RPG elements presented by Lemon Jam Studio and Jampot Games. Let’s rescue the princess and become the Mighty Hero.
The Demon Lord kidnapped the princess. It is up to our protagonist, a rusty blade in hand, to rescue her. Players control the protagonist to clear stages, challenge bosses and rescue the princess.
Semi-auto combat means players only need to decide when to manually activate skills. Using skills and items wisely can help you progress further. Workshop and other systems can make the game more fun. Make good use of them.
-Classic pixel art side scroller game.
-Tons of options to customize and power up your character.
-Semi-auto combat system.
-Equipment forging system.
-Over 100 stages including extremely challenging boss stages.
-Over a hundred pieces of unique equipment and hundreds of crafting materials.
This game features numerous stages and a in-depth equipment system, with hundreds of material to collect and tons of equipment to try on. Players may choose different classes and create their own builds according to their need.
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The Mighty Hero (Unreleased)
The Mighty Hero (Unreleased)
The Mighty Hero (Unreleased)
The Mighty Hero (Unreleased)

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