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HEIR OF LIGHT (Unreleased)

HEIR OF LIGHT (Unreleased)
HEIR OF LIGHT (Unreleased) l Version: 0.8.3 | Size: 66.73MB
Developers: GAMEVIL ​| Language: English

★ Heir of Light Brand Site:
Goth meets Fantasy in this epic Collection-based RPG!
Darkness has overtaken the realm, and the world is in chaos. The only hope to restore light and order lies with you, an Heir of Light. Embark on a crusade to renew a hope that has been lost for generations. Ready your weapon and journey to restore the light of the world!
■ Devise and Strategize
-Unleash Combo Skills powerful beyond measure with perfect Master and Servant pairings.
-Equip Runes for character growth. Feel the difference in strength for yourself!
-Couple the various different Skills and Elements to assemble the most strategic Crusade.
■ Heed the Savage Battlefield
-Pulverize your opponents in PvP mode to prove your power.
-Preserve your Towers! Defense is the first step in strategic combat.
-Challenge yourself to various dungeons and earn rare rewards. Godspeed!
■ Be A Light in the Darkness
-Shine light upon a world shrouded in darkness. The war will only end when light shines upon every inch of the land.
-Conquer the land your way. The world is yours for the taking!
■ An Eerie and Mysterious World
-Not just another RPG! Immerse yourself in a magical and mysterious fantasy world.
-Cute yet bizarre, uncanny yet charming! Masters and Servants are ready to accompany you on your journey.
** Paid items are not available during closed beta.
** Closed beta test user data will not sync at the official launch.
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HEIR OF LIGHT (Unreleased)
HEIR OF LIGHT (Unreleased)
HEIR OF LIGHT (Unreleased)
HEIR OF LIGHT (Unreleased)

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