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Robot DIR Deluxe

Robot DIR Deluxe
Robot DIR Deluxe l Version: 1.0.3 | Size: 19.04MB
Developers: Frozen Logic Studios | Language:English

Join robot DIR in a thrilling adventure as he searches for his family!
Little robot DIR had been on standby for years when a loving family of hedgehogs adopted him, but now his family has been captured and he needs your help to rescue them!
Robot DIR is an original, innovative game that is child friendly and has a lot of exciting features that include:
- 60 levels with more on the way
- Unique single touch control
- Boss fights every phase
- Checkpoints to save progress
- Graphics rich in details
- Amazing and fun animation
- Special abilities and powers
- Increasingly challenging
- Easy and fun to play!
In order to help Robot DIR rescue his family, you need to use the platforms to get through the levels. Each different platform offers a different ability that will help you get DIR to his family! He absorbs the platform ability once he reaches it, to use it, just tap anywhere on the screen. This way, you can help him navigate through each level and find his lost family member!
Need help? We have tutorial videos available: or you can ask for tips on the Robot DIR facebook fanpage:
Robot DIR Deluxe
Robot DIR Deluxe
Robot DIR Deluxe

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