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Mazes & Monsters

Mazes & Monsters
Mazes & Monsters l Version: 1.0 | Size: 45.05MB
Developers: Monster Robot Studios | Language:English

Monster Robot Studios Presents: Mazes and Monsters!
Inspired by classic titles like The legend of Zelda and a Link to the Past
Game Trailer:
Take control of the Hero of destiny and explore Dungeons, fight monsters, and collect treasures! as you progress you'll gather new weapons and items to help you on your quest. not up for fighting through a dungeon? no problem, get yourself a fishing pole or a Bow and take part in some of the mini games in town. M&M has a lot to do and is great for someone looking for some quick casual play or someone who wants to dig in explore and search for secrets
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Mazes & Monsters
Mazes & Monsters
Mazes & Monsters

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