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MapleStory Live Deluxe

MapleStory Live Deluxe
MapleStory Live Deluxe l Version:1.3.2 | Size:42.85MB
Developers: NEXON Company | Language:English
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The world's favorite online RPG is now a MOBILE GAME!
★ ★ ★ A very special package for MapleStory Live Deluxe! ★ ★ ★
MapleStory is full of this very special package!
Download MapleStory Live Deluxe and get a very special package!
The package includes,
◇ Extension Pack - Mushroom Kingdom + The lion King`s Castle + Mechanic
◇ Monster Pet - Eye of Time
◇ Equip - Maple Kandine + Maple Suit
★ MapleStory Live Demon Slayer Update! ★
The Demon Slayer is a demonic warrior who utilizes a stylish and powerful new combat system.
The Demon Slayer uses basic attacks to absorb power from monsters, which then allows the use of Attack Skills.
With the courage and hope to overcome fear, you too can become a Demon Slayer.
Update Details:
• Items for the Demon Slayer have been added.
- 47 types of Weapons
- 23 types of Demon Aegis
- 44 types of Clothes
- 47 types of Hats
- 44 types of Shoes

• Demon Slayer quests have been added.
- 170 Demon Slayer main quests with an all-new storyline
• Powerful Demon Slayer Skills!
- The Demon Slayer can use wings to fly and glide.
- The Demon Slayer can absorb Demon Fury from monsters by pressing the attack key continuously and landing 4 Consecutive Attacks.
- Fury can be used just like MP.
• Demon Aegis, the Demon Slayer exclusive shield, grants even more power.
- The shield can be obtained by completing specific main quests.
- The Demon Aegis improves the following stats: defense, skill mastery, accuracy, Max HP, and Max MP.
• The Ereve region has been added.
- 8 new Ereve maps
- 9 types of Ereve-themed monsters
- 9 types of new drops
• Demon Slayer exclusive items have been added to each of the town's shops.
• Arkarium has been added as a boss monster.
- Arkarium, who is more powerful than any of the previous boss monsters, challenges you!
- Defeat the Black Mage's commander, Arkarium, with the Demon Slayer.
The Complete MapleStory Mobile Experience.
Open up the book on a whole new MapleStory!

Maple World is in peril, but help is on the way. Take on the roles of Fenris the Dual Blade and Rei the Mechanic in two completely new tales of adventure. You’ll have to rely on your wits and reflexes as you explore new worlds battle new beasts on the quest to stop the Black Wings.

Endless adventures await you in MapleStory Live!

- New stories, characters, and monsters to mash!
- Huge, fully explorable map.
- Three exciting mini games.
- In-game Ad Board and Mailbox let you share messages with friends all over Maple World.
- Custom Touch UI allows you to customize your screen.
- Three basic control schemes supported
- Regular updates to bring you an endless adventure through Maple World!
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MapleStory Live Deluxe
MapleStory Live Deluxe
MapleStory Live Deluxe

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