Uncover the final revelations of the brotherhood.
Play as Ezio and Altaïr at two different times in Constantinople’s great history and uncover the ultimate secrets of the Assassins’ Brotherhood. Eliminate plenty of dangerous enemies thanks to a wide range of assassination moves and tricks. Recruit assassins, and send them on missions so that they can gain experience to help you throughout the game, and use Da Vinci’s legendary flying machine in thrilling top-down levels.
Assassins' Creed Revelations
Assassins' Creed Revelations l Version: 1.0.8 | Size: 18.11MB
Developers: Gameloft | Language:English
Read More & Download | Action Games | 2012-12-17 |
Nobody would believe that the immensity of the universe was created based on 5 elements (faith, courage, freedom, wisdom and love) and God has created every living creature on it from water.
In a galaxy far, far away called Sibull... There was peace and harmony until it was invaded by dragons.
SiliBili l Version: 1.1.1 | Size: 50.22 MB
Developers: Chundos Studio | Language:English
Read More & Download | Action Games | 2012-12-17 |
Cave Run is a endless runner similar to the awesome game Temple Run. In order to score big you'll need to help your treasure-hunter collect gems as he attempts to escape the crumbling cave and the lava in this unique theme. Featuring extremely simple gameplay with random levels and obstacles that you must overcome by jumping. How far can you run before falling off a cliff?
Cave Run 3D
Cave Run 3D l Version:1.4.0 | Size: 9.16MB
Developers: Trollu Games | Language:English
Read More & Download | Action Games | 2012-12-16 |
This is confrontation type game simulating Samurai "Chanbara"!! 1hit, 1kill!!
No Bushido, No Japan
No Bushido, No Japan l Version: 2.0 | Size:5.54MB
Developers: B.cos | Language:English
Read More & Download | Action Games | 2012-12-14 |
Roblade combines the two worlds of robot design and fast paced fighting. It allows you to design your own robots using different parts, and then bring them to life by designing any fight action you can imagine. Let them fight different enemies in the arena to earn coins, use coins to upgrade your robots or buy new parts, such as weapons, batteries, or a rocket launcher.
Roblade:Design&Fight l Version: 1.01 | Size:20.76MB
Developers: kylinworks | Language:English
Read More & Download | Action Games | 2012-12-14 |
Battle an onslaught of fierce enemies, dangerous hazards, and even giant bosses in the quest to recover your lost Monster Crew cards. Don't worry, it's going to help that you've been zapped into your favorite member of the Monster Crew, Frankenstein!
Monster Crew
Monster Crew l Version: 1.1.1 | Size:39.65MB
Developers: BonusXP, Inc. | Language:English
Read More & Download | Action Games | 2012-12-13 |
We aim to become a snake sneaking mission challenge, make the strongest forces soldiers gathered, "Metal Gear Solid social Ops (METAL GEAR SOLID SOCIAL OPS)" is a card battle RPG free.
Character of the "Metal Gear" series starring former gross!
To organize the troops of your own dreams, trying to defeat a powerful enemy! !
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid l Version: 1.0.5 | Size:12.83MB
Developers: KONAMI/GREE | Language:English
Read More & Download | Action Games | 2012-12-11 |
This is one of many League of Legends app that is currently being developed. Please support by rating and reviewing this app and check out my other apps!
League of Legends Champions
League of Legends Champions l Version:1.4.16 | Size:10.08MB
Developers: CreativeDK | Language:English
Read More & Download | Action Games | 2012-12-9 |
Classic arcade action shooter , addictive gameplay brought up to date
For the last 500 years, among the bleak and barren worlds that exist in deep space, mankind has expanded its horizons. The most suitable planets and moons near Earth have been terraformed, turning the once-inhospitable wastelands into habitable places.
Expendable Rearmed
Expendable Rearmed l Version:1.1 | Size:43.75MB
Developers: Retrobomb | Language:English
Read More & Download | Action Games | 2012-12-9 |
View characters, access the Auction House, and more from your mobile device.
The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory lets you stay connected to aspects of World of Warcraft even when you're not logged in to the game. You can view all of your characters (along with their stats and equipment); use the Auction House; search for characters, items, and guilds; chat with your guild; and more, all from your Android mobile device.
World of Warcraft Armory
World of Warcraft Armory l Version: 5.2.0 | Size: 7.45MB
Developers: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. | Language:English
Read More & Download | Action Games | 2012-12-9 |