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Flying Bird 3D

Flying Bird 3D
Flying Bird 3D l Version: 1.0.4 | Size: 11.63MB
Developers: The App Developers | Language:English

Flying Bird 3D - this is for all you Flappy Bird Fans
The hardest most addictive game in the world - FACT (well, not really a fact, but try it, you will see!)
It’s simple, try to get a high score … "It’s easy” they said. “It’s just one press to flap” they said…
It’s a simple premise, get a high score and brag about it!!
- Tap to flap - our own flying physics make this a unique game
- Get your highest score and share on Social Media (or brag as we like to call it)
Please note, no cute flappy bird was harmed during the making of this game.
We have made Flying Bird 3D harder than the original Flappy bird but open to feedback and will make regular updates.
A Google User
GREATEST GAME EVERRR!!! This is by far the best game I have ever played in my entire life!
Kimberly Diaz
This is so awesome and so much easier than Flappy Bird
ezekiel alfonso
Amazingly different!!! Cool!!!....teaching you to have a long patience.....
Flying Bird 3D
Flying Bird 3D
Flying Bird 3D

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