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GoMove Flying Parapets

GoMove Flying Parapets
GoMove Flying Parapets l Version: 1.0 | Size: 4.41MB
Developers: Magic Production Group S.A. | Language:English

Raining cats and dogs? Have them wear parachutes!

Little blue red and black cats and dogs are falling from the sky towards the earth. Luckily, your child is ready to help them out by handling a cannon that launches colored parachutes.
Once a parachute reaches the target, it opens, assisting the reckless Parapet in a soft landing.
Each rescue increases the player’s score, and the young paratroopers’ happiness for the escaped bumps, increases the Parapet’s joy and consequently the overall game duration.
Your child will be able to activate bonuses that will help him rescue a greater number of Parapets. Moreover, he will learn that by matching the animal to his same-color parachute, the score will rise faster. Watch out when handling the rainbow laser: it will provide all Parapets with their right-color parachutes!
• An easy and entertaining game, suitable for children from 3 to 8 years old, but also older.
• On-the-spot control system – you only need one finger to play!
• Three main actions: launching a parachute, collecting a power-up, handling the rainbow laser.

Game Contents:
• 4-second active Power ups.
• Freeze: the game slows down and gets easier;
• Rainbow Beam: the cannon releases a rainbow to be moved on the screen. All Parapets stricken by the beam get their right-color parachute;
• Cloud: the cannon blows a wind the pushes all Parapets up and makes you gain time;
• X2 Multiplier: each saved Parapet gets you double score and double value increase in the Hype Bar.
• Save Your Score: save your score and match it to your name. Each new game the multiplier that rewards a player’s fidelity increases by 0.01.
• Environments: 4 seasons and 4 different settings.
• Hype Bar: indicates the Parapets’ happiness. The more it increases the longer the game!
• Strike Combo: every time you match a Parapet to his correct parachute color, a counter that multiplies the positive points is started. The counter is reset if you mess up the color or if a Parapet falls down in the bushes.
Game Objectives
Gain badges that measure your fidelity as well as your overall performance.
• Play the first game.
• Rescue 50 Parapets.
• Make a 35 combo.
• Rescue 100 Parapets in a row.
• Visit all 4 seasons.
• Play 100 games.
GoMove Flying Parapets
GoMove Flying Parapets
GoMove Flying Parapets
GoMove Flying Parapets

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