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Clumsy Doctor

Clumsy Doctor
Clumsy Doctor l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 20.67MB
Developers: Nutty Apps | Language:English

Little kid is sitting under a tree E.A.T.I.N.G a candy, lets drop the behive on his head
TAP TAP TAP!!! Oh No... the boy is injured lets give the boy a treatment
TAP and kill the bees and become the youngest doctor ever to treat a wimp. Lets take off the beehive with a cutter, whipe the face and use exciting tools to treat the swelling, apply bandages to the wounds and perform funfilled task where you have to cure the treatment of this little wimp with some special tools.
Done! Now lets make special medicine in the science lab, experiment with the chemicals to create the right combination to treat the patient. OH MY!!!
Play to unlock the next wimp, a clumsy chef who is a fiasco. The chef have burnt er hands while cooking lets treat her blisters. Use amazing new tools to treat your patient use syrups, bandages, Icepacks, pluckers and much more.
Keep playing to unlock more character and have fun messing around with Clumsy kids around you
►►►►► FEATURES ◄◄◄◄◄
► AVATARS: Play to unlock new avatars and have fun
► NAUGHTY TYKE: Become a naughty tyke by messing around with the clumsy kids all over the place and then help them too by giving them a treatment
► TOOLS: Use amazing new tools and fun filled treatments in this game
► SHARE: Share the fiasco with friends on Facebook and social media
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Clumsy Doctor
Clumsy Doctor
Clumsy Doctor

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