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Developers: COLOPL, Inc. | Language: English

Brought to you by Kuma the Bear, this puzzle/defense game lets you summon demons to fight off valiant heroes. No registration or difficult controls! Download it now for free!
In a world where mankind and demons are locked in an unending struggle, you are a demon who must protect the Dark Citadel. Use your summoning powers to send the heroes packing!
In ""Heroslayer!"" you move magic stones to summon demons, which you then use to attack incoming heroes in a combination of puzzle and defense skills.
It's super-easy to play!
1. Move magic stones on a 7×5 puzzle grid!
2. Connect 4 or more stones of the same color!
3. Touch summoned demons to attack the heroes!
That's all there is to it!
Swipe magic stones to switch their positions. Line up 4 or more of the same color, horizontally or vertically, to summon demons, and touch those demons to attack heroes.
Form a 2x2 square of the same color for an even more powerful magic attack!
This attack will be at double strength, and will penetrate all the way to the back row of heroes!
Stones will be replaced from below to fill in empty spaces after attacking.
If summoned demons are shifted apart they will revert to stones, so keep a careful eye on the layout.
Attacks are done by turn. Each time you move a stone, the enemy moves once. If you don't move stones carefully, the enemy may get too close!
Guardian demons appear above the puzzle screen in order to defend against these attacking heroes. They can be counted on to take the hits! But they can only take so many before they’re done for.
If a hero makes it through a gap left by defeated guardian demons, it’s game over--so watch out!
The basic way to defeat strong heroes is with magic effects. Different colored stones produce different magic effects, such as freezing heroes, pushing them back, or continually applying damage. Get used to these effects and learn how to summon the right demons!
Also, as you attack, if magic stones shift to summon more demons, they’ll activate automatically and attack heroes in succession, getting more powerful with each attack! It pays to not just line up stones of the same color, but to set them up so that they fall into place in a combo!
Save up “Waroo”—the Netherworld currency—to aid your fight. You can spend Waroo to get attack items, strengthen your guardian demons, and revive defeated guardian demons. You earn Waroo even if you fail a stage, so keep on fighting the good fight!
Also, as you fight, your level will increase along with your base attack power, so keep trying to earn EXP!
As you clear stages, you will earn new titles, and collect demons and heroes for your Library.
Clear all 15 stages in an area to reach the next area.
Clear all three areas and collect various demons and heroes to earn the best title you can!
With simple touch controls, the game is easy and fun to play, even for beginners!
Download “Heroslayer!” now! It’s free to play, and no registration is required!
≪Heroslayer! Key Features≫
- Kuma the Bear’s first puzzle/defense game!
- Simple touch screen controls make the game fun and easy to play!
- Simple gameplay that rewards strategy. Fun for hardcore players, too!
- Cute, retro-style visuals will appeal to all gamers.
≪Magic Stone Effects≫
Fire: Attacks enemy + both sides
Ice: Stops enemy for 2 turns
Lightning: Attacks enemy + 2 squares behind
Wind: Knocks enemy 2 squares back
Poison: Does damage for 5 turns
Blast: Attacks enemy + surroundings

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