Durak l Version:1.3 | Size:2.58MB
Developers: holirewer | Language:English

1. Changed the appearance of the card(it is now convenient to play on any resolution of phones).
2. You cannot throw the player is more than his cards.
3. Displacement of cards in the deck, so you can see the height.
4. In the game added sounds.

The most popular Russian card game Durak (Fool) is available on your android now!
The game is played with a deck of 36 cards. The object of the game is to get rid of all one's cards. Each player is dealt six cards. The target of the game is to get rid of all player's cards. A player can begin by playing any card from hand but at the start of the game it is recommended to get rid of low cards by suit. The last player left holding cards in his hand is referred to as the fool. The game ends when all players run out of cards.
Features of the game:
• possibility to play versus android system
• possibility to play with a friend on the same device
• possibility to study the rules more carefully
• good user interface and nice-looking game design

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