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Cube Maze 3D Ball Travel

Cube Maze 3D Ball Travel
Cube Maze 3D Ball Travel l Version: 1.45 | Size: 48.81MB
Developers: Puzzle Games - VascoGames | Language: English

Welcome to this epic Cube Maze 3D Ball Travel game. This 3D game is incredibly challenging! The logic let you train your brain about how to solve a logic maze like this. Balance is the key to success, how to solve this cube maze as fast as possible.
The cube field is hard to solve. This 3D balance game is fun to play with your friends, look who can solve it first. Try to drive your ball out of the 3d cube maze. Use for example your accelerometer for steering, determine the direction of the ball. You will be able to get some really cool achievements. If you solve all 3x3 cube mazes you will get the ‘Cube Apprentice’. The 4x4 cubes are harder to complete, but if you do you will get ‘Cube Regular’. You have even more achievements if you solve puzzles in hard mode. If you solve 15 puzzles you get ‘Solving the puzzles’, no matter what kind of difficulty you are on. 40 puzzles will give you ‘Puzzle skills’. Don’t need to explain that, solving that much puzzles in this three dimensional logic maze will make you awesome.
Cube Maze 3D Ball Travel game features:
- 80 levels to challenge your brain in this three dimensional puzzle game.
- Different achievements if you go well. Unlock those prices!
- Realistic graphics gives you the feeling like you really are the ball
- Steering with accelerometer
- Cube with balance 3D to challenge you and your friends.
The original game will include many levels and achievements. When we will update the game there will be much more levels and achievements to accomplish. So go play this game and show us that you need more!
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Cube Maze 3D Ball Travel
Cube Maze 3D Ball Travel
Cube Maze 3D Ball Travel

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