Castle Toss

Castle Toss
Castle Toss l Version:1.2 | Size:14.38MB
Developers:Wiznea Co., Ltd | Language:English

Easy to play but tough challenge!
Be a master of tossing coins!
Enjoy the thrilling experience inside the arena of Castle Toss.
Can you rely on your very fingertip for such a delicate control?
Challenge your finger over sensitive strength control to toss the coin in a barrel to collect cute and cuddly prizes.
**************** C A U T I O N ! ****************
Castle Toss uses a physics engine to create different possibilities from both gravity and your strength to make you feel like actually tossing a real coin. We are not responsible for any causes and damages (ex. Throwing your phone away) over your device from playing Castle Toss. Challenge if you dare.
★ Collectable various prizes
Collect the prizes floating on top 9 barrels. Once you collect each prize, they will help you to enhance the game play.
★ Combo Effect
When you make the coin in to the barrel for more than once, trigger the cannons. Make it up to crazy shot and get more coins!
★ Special Barrel
You can place Special barrels like Pirate Barrel, 8bit Retro Barrel, or Regular Barrel on a desirable location and enjoy the game.
★ Special Coins
When you toss the Special Coin that is randomly generated into a barrel, you can have a special coin's effect. These various effects can be used on anytime you want, and can be used several effects together.
★ JACKPOT System
Once you collect all the JACKPOT letters, you can play the wheel of fortune. Wish you luck!
Oops.. there is a “Try Again.” Beware :p
★ Two Different Tossing Methods
You can just touch and drag the coin up by trusting your own instinct, or you can drag it down, the trajectory dots will appear to guide your aim. Either way, the system is based on a very sensitive physics. Be careful when you aim.
There is a lot more “fun”ctions that you can enjoy!!
SPECIAL THANKS TO : Andrew Yongjae, MJ
Castle Toss
Castle Toss
Castle Toss
Castle Toss
Castle Toss

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