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Rocket Nova Arcade - Ad Free

Rocket Nova Arcade - Ad Free
Rocket Nova Arcade l Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 12.60MB
Developers: Super2K | Language: English

Addictive arcade action game that is easy to play but hard to master - can you get the highest score on all levels?
No ads!
Join Hero Number 5 onboard Starship Nova!
A mysterious vortex has teleported the ship into unknown space.
Your mission is to help the crew get back home to earth.
Guide your ship to collect energy and avoid the hazards of deep space - shoot asteroids to escape the minefields.
Can you make it back home?
Unique arcade action - guide your ship by pointing on the screen.
• Optimized for tablets.
• Amazing arcade action where you control the spaceship to collect energy and avoid dangers.
• Blazing pop art graphics and mind blowing particle effects!
• 3 Challenging worlds
• Collect energy capsules and avoid hazards
• Shooting levels in world 2 - shoot down all asteroids for a perfect score!
• Retro Amiga MOD music by ‘Firefox’
"An absolutely stunning space exploration game that features a stellar soundtrack, a completely unique pop-art style – and of course some seriously addictive gameplay. This is one space adventure that you don’t want to miss out on!"
- Super Game Droid
Works on all screen sizes although we recommend a larger screen with high resolution, best viewed on HD phones and tablets.
Previous versions:
1.0.0 - Our biggest update yet!
* World 1 updated levels - some of the later levels are tweaked or totally redone - new objects:
- The transporter and the Booster plate - let us know what you think of them!
* New World number 2 - the shooting levels!
3 Levels where you shoot the asteroids old school style - let us know if you want more!
* Added sound effects
* World 3 - Premium content - All new and challenging levels - Please buy this to support continued development!
* New Google + icons.
* Play icon on start screen.
* Bugfix for crash on some Samsung Galaxy Tab devices.
* More intuitive what to press on levelselect.
* Updated values for screen scrolling.
* Fix for KitKat aspect ratio bug.
* Fixed corrupt icons on some devices.
* No longer Game Over when you run out of time.
You will still get Game Over if you run into an enemy and you have no time left.
* Levels 1-10 have been made easier
Obstacles have been removed on several levels.
Level 8 and 11 have swapped places
- this means that your score on level 8 and 11 is reset. We apologize for this.
Updating from a version prior to 0.8.0 will clear all scores.
* Rocket flame is only visible when rocket accelerates.
* Some objects are removed from background to avoid confusion.
* Controls are tweaked to be easier.
* New controll method - virtual joystick.
- Press anywhere on screen, move finger around like a joystick to controll ship.
* Tweaking of rocket controll. Rocket does not slide as much now.
* Improved graphics for displays with lower resolution.
New native resolution assets for the following resolutions:
800 * 480
1024 * 600
1280 * 800
480 * 320
320 * 240
* Removed rocket movement when swipe to make it more intuitive that the player shall point on the screen to direct the ship.
* Now with leaderboards - invite your friends and compete with them!
Challenge your friends and see who can get the best score.
* Bugfix for crash on some devices that does not have Google Play services installed.
* New adaptive screen movement, the change is made to let the player see more of what is in front of the rocket.
* New startup screen music and graphics.
* New button animation in world and level select, startscreen supernova animation.
* Time counter doesn't turn red when counting down the score
* Energy meter counts down during scrore bonus.
* Various bugfixes, the rocket should not turn 360 degrees at start.
* Better crash reporting to help fix bugs quicker.
Rocket Nova Arcade - Ad Free
Rocket Nova Arcade - Ad Free
Rocket Nova Arcade - Ad Free

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