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GravityBot HD

GravityBot HD
GravityBot HD l Version: 1.1 | Size: 48.41MB
Developers: Daft Monkey Games | Language: English

GravityBot HD is a new challenging arcade game based on realistic physics. The unique game mechanics, amazing graphics and exciting levels won't let you get bored.
How to play: Use the right and left turn buttons to turn your character, whenever it reaches the ground, it will push himself away. Depending how do you land on the ground or other objects, the character will jump in the equivalent angle.
New levels are coming with each "major" update!
Want to design an unique level which will be listed in the official levels of the game? Send us your ideas to [email protected]
//Version 1.1
//Orientation bug fixed.
//Please report bugs or constructive critics in e-mail: [email protected]
Hungarian Developement - Magyar Fejleszt├ęs
Enjoy! :)
GravityBot HD
GravityBot HD
GravityBot HD

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