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Kill Stickman

Kill Stickman
Kill Stickman l Version: ai | Size: 16.02MB
Developers: svsstudio | Language: English

Kill all stickmen like an accident. Killing game trains all your mental skills and provides great satisfaction.
Find hidden objects or places on the screen, press them (order can be important) and lead stickmen to the painful death.
You have half of minute to kill every stickman on the level (usually 5-6), with 10 levels* total in this game:
1. Stickman death refill,
2. Stickman death yacht,
3. Stickman death robbery,
4. Death street,
5. Death airport,
6. Death bar,
7. Death barbecue,
8. Death beach,
9. Death gym,
And, finally:
10. Death reception!
Enjoy great Kill Stickman game, be fast and smart while playing this brain-twisting puzzle.
Use replay and help buttons - and find very best way to kill them all.
* All 10 levels available in Full version, 4 levels in Free.
Kill Stickman
Kill Stickman
Kill Stickman

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