Wave Wave

Wave Wave
Wave Wave l Version: 1.0.6 | Size: 34.98MB
Developers: Noodlecake Studios Inc | Language:English

Brought to Android by Noodlecake Studios, Wave Wave is a savage arcade game developed by Thomas Janson, with music by Danimal Cannon and Zef.
Shift up and down to avoid the gauntlet of triangles.
"The brutally hard ‘Wave Wave’ is twitch gaming at its best."
- The Verge
"The game's unique visuals and energetic soundtrack reward your persistence with graphical splendour and auditory excellence."
- Pocket Gamer
"Wave Wave joins the hallowed ranks of those games that are just so incredibly difficult that you can't help but play them."
- Cnet Australia
"The game throws rocks in your cereal with screen-altering diversions – like skew and rotate. But none of that ever stopped me from trying, over and over again, until I forgot where I was and how long I’ve been [playing]."
- Touch Arcade
Hectic. Extreme. Addictive. Racing. Tumultuous.
Blitzing. Electric. Anaerobic. Treacherous.
Fearless game play.
Fall into 'the zone' where your brain switches off.
Overcome mind-to-finger-to-screen latency.
An incredible 8 track album, 'Parallel Processing'.
5 modes of play, 6 difficulties, 25 levels, split screen versus.
This game will test you.
Looks great on tablets!
CAUTION: Can cause nausea and viewing discomfort. If you experience these while playing other games then Wave Wave may be difficult to play. There is an option in the "settings" page to turn off certain visual effects if the game is hard to watch.
Wave Wave
Wave Wave
Wave Wave

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