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Developers: | Language:English the best chess site comes to Android, with more ways to play & learn! brings you the ultimate chess app:
- Unlimited games against real people!
- Supports fast, real-time games on the clock - and slow games, allowing days between moves.
- Configurable computer opponent
- 1000s of Tactics Puzzles
- Video Lessons from top Grandmasters
With powerful features for playing and learning, this is the premier chess app for all players, from beginner to master. Access all features with an intuitive menu system. Enjoy a beautiful chess board with nine different piece designs and color schemes - and never lose sight of the captured pieces during your games. Play with or without realistic sound effects. tracks your ratings and progress. All your games, puzzles & videos can also be accessed directly on the website!
- Join a vibrant chess community - 5 million players of all skill levels!
- See your current & recent games
- Challenge a friend or create an open challenge
- Chat with your opponents
- Visualize your plan using the Analysis Board
- Offer or accept a draw… or resign if your position is lost!
- Play standard or “Chess960,” correspondence-style (with a day or more per move), or...
- Play Live Chess in real time! From Blitz to hour-long games, the time controls are up to you!

- Adjust the computer's strength to provide the perfect challenge
- Select a playing style for your opponent – from “Passive” to “Suicidal”
- Set up any legal position
- Email your game as PGN
- Ask the computer for a simple hint, or look deeper by viewing analysis
- Navigate though the move list with ease

- Explore a collection of 50,000 puzzles (and growing!)
- Choose the winning moves – your success depends on speed and accuracy
- Trainer will track your progress and serve the right problems based on your rating
- View your rating, past problems, and a graphical chart of your progress at
- Tackle (unrated) problems in Offline Mode when you don't have an Internet connection

- Browse & view hundreds of video lessons created by top coaches and Grandmasters.
- Choose your lessons by skill level and theme: Strategy, Openings, Endgames, Tactics, Amazing Games, etc.
- Watch as the games and commentary are illustrated on a large video chess board with animated diagrams

ABOUT CHESS.COM: is the #1 online chess site with more than 3 million members across the main site, Chess on Facebook, and Chess on iGoogle. is built by chess players and enthusiasts who really love chess, not just programmers tinkering around with chess. We’re legit, serious tournament chess players committed to promoting chess and improving access to chess in every possible way! Visit to meet us! - Learn & Play Chess - Learn & Play Chess - Learn & Play Chess

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