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Mobihubu Pelitaito

Mobihubu Pelitaito
Mobihubu Pelitaito l Version: 1.0 | Size: 6.55MB
Developers: Kyy Games | Language:English

Would you like to save your sweetheart? Answer correctly to all questions and rescue him or her from the evil owl's castle.
The goal of the game is to answer correctly to 14 questions related to games and playing. There are several hundred questions, that are randomly selected in the beginning of the game.
Game begins in the owl's dungeon, where the first question is presented. By walking to a door answer appears above it. Step through the door to answer the question. Correct answer leads forward, wrong answer tosses you back down to the castle's depths and you must start again.
A magic mirror guides the way. It gives a tip to one of the questions. Mirror can be used on any question and it will disappear after use.
Mobihubu Pelitaito

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