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Explorium: Ocean For Kids

Explorium: Ocean For Kids
Explorium: Ocean For Kids l Version: 1.1.3 | Size: 28.57MB
Developers: Applied Systems Ltd. | Language:English

Let your kids explore marine life. Dive with Alex and Alice into the ocean to find mysterious Atlantis. Designed for children from 4 to 8 years old.
Explorium: Ocean for Kids is a Learn & Play app that combines a quest, mini-games, and facts about the underwater world to ensure your children never lose interest while learning.
Ocean for Kids is the first app in the Explorium series created for little curious minds.
Once upon a time Alex and Alice found a treasure map in an old chest. The treasure was Atlantis. For many years, travelers and great scientists have been trying to find Atlantis. Our characters decided to join their search. As they go deep into the ocean, Alex and Alice learn facts about marine life, collect items, play mini-games, and gather the missing parts of the treasure map.
- Education. Gain useful knowledge of the ocean (ocean zones, flora) and its inhabitants with numerous educational activities in the app (5 mini-games, a quest).
-Exciting adventure. Set off to the unfathomed deeps of the underwater world in search of Atlantis.
-Encyclopedia. Your pocket encyclopedia with more than 50 facts about marine life.
-Creativity. Collect items in the quest and create your own world on Atlantis.
-Participation. The app offers parents an option to play together with their kids.
-Safety. Explorium: Ocean for Kids was created in close cooperation with professional educators. The app is safe for kids: no ads, in-app purchases, and social media links.
Explorium: Ocean for Kids helps your children
-develop fine motor skills
-train memory and attention, improve logic skills
-widen their vocabulary
-broaden the scope of knowledge about the underwater world
-develop the ability to concentrate on and understand various tasks
-unleash creativity
-Memory Star. Remember the position of stars in the matrix and repeat the pattern.
-Flappy Jellyfish. Navigate a jellyfish through obstacles. No scores, just fun.
-Memory Card. Find pairs of items in the matrix as fast as you can.
-Pop Bubbles. Pop as many bubbles as you can - you will need a lot of fresh air to complete your Atlantis quest.
-Create Your World. Gather objects in the game and use them to create your world on Atlantis.
-choose between a boy and a girl character
-select your level of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Advanced, Hard
-help section included
-available in 7 languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Russian
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Explorium: Ocean For Kids
Explorium: Ocean For Kids
Explorium: Ocean For Kids

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