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Jump Cube, Jump

Jump Cube, Jump
Jump Cube, Jump l Version: 1.0 | Size: 6.98MB
Developers: Tiny Ghost | Language: English

Avoid enemies, objects and walls, collect coins and power-ups, reach the longest distance and biggest level.
Chalenge yourself, beat the others.
You have two button:
- left button - you'll enable god mode, that means that you can walk through walls and the special platforms will not activate (but you can't also collect coins and power-ups in this mode)
- right button you jumped to the height (hold longer -> jump higher) and you can do double-jump (be patient with touching)
Coin colors:
- YELLOW - increase score
- WHITE - increase life (max 3 lifes)
- RED - slow you down
- BLUE - speed you up
- BLACK - heavy mode ->heavy jumps
- GREEN - cloak of invisibility
- DARK RED - new level
New level:
- every new level the speed of your cube will increase
Normal vs Fast:
- you can choose between two mods - normal or fast. In fast mode your player will be much faster, so you can collect more points faster, but you can also lose lifes faster.
Unexpected death:
- you can die also because of fast fall (collision detection in fast mode could have glitches, enjoy them :))
Great game music:
- credits goes to the: [WrathGames Studio] - thank you
Graphic help by Andrew Ditex (haskdx - [email protected])
Backlink -
Enjoy, have a fun and bye.
Jump Cube, Jump
Jump Cube, Jump
Jump Cube, Jump

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