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Falling Down Ball PRO

Falling Down Ball PRO
Falling Down Ball PRO l Version: | Size: 20.7MB
Developers: Academ Media | Language: English

That's the new mix of old school wooden design and modern speeding race! Now you can check out the gyro function on your device - tilt it and help the Falling Down Ball PRO! Don't let it stop, or you will lose the maze challenge!
✰✰✰ HOW TO PLAY ✰✰✰ first, choose the design - wood, brick, plastic etc. Choose a playing mode: Infinite fall, with no time limits, or the Challenge mode! Then tilt the screen so that the ball goes through the shelf labyrinth. Trace it, or the game is over!
I bet, it's the best way to check your gyro! Try to pass all the shelves as fast, as possible! Tilt your phone to place the ball into the holes! The ball is always speeding up - don't be sleepy and fallow it! In the end of each game you can see the score: try to make the new record!
✰✰✰ Falling Down Ball PRO features ✰✰✰
✔ 2 playing modes: Infinite and Challenge!
✔ Multiple designs, including the classic wooden skin!
✔ A maze full of shelves to overcome!
✔ Simple gyro control!
✔ The ball keeps speeding up!
✔ Addicting race in the wood labyrinth!
✔ You can also buy special design for your ball or for the wall using earned coins
All you need is to tilt the screen! Help the Falling Down Ball PRO to pass every shelf on its way! It's an incredible wooden maze which is available for every device!
Falling Down Ball PRO
Falling Down Ball PRO
Falling Down Ball PRO

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