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Snowman Maker

Snowman Maker
Snowman Maker l Snowman MakerVersion: 1.19 | Size: 11.72MB
Developers: Sunstorm Interactive Inc. | Language:English

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful… and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Yes, you can sit by the fire AND build an adorable, realistic looking snowman when you play Snowman Maker!
Start by selecting a background setting that will suit your snowman perfectly.
Next, figure out how big and how tall you want your snowman to be by choosing the size and number of snowballs.
Once you have the body complete, you choose the eyes and ears. It’s easy to get creative here because there are many goofy and crazy choices! Who said you have to have two eyes made out of coal? That’s only in the movies! Use oranges, limes, or even chocolate chip cookies!
Next comes the nose and mouth! Make your snow creature scary, happy, or sad with a variety of items to choose from!
Now, it’s time to attach some arms and dress your little guy! Make it a girl or a boy, with crazy clothes, nerdy clothes, or fashionable clothes!
Don’t forget to add the hats and gloves… After all, it IS cold outside, even though you’re cozy and warm in your house!
You’re still not finished! Don’t forget the accessories to finalize your snowman’s look! Add a bow tie to your handsome snowman, or how about a plaid scarf and matching mittens to finish off your goofy snow creature?
If you want to add some final touches to your snow scene, the extras category will provide everything you imagined!
Finally, your snowman is PERFECT! Admire how real he looks and appreciate that you didn’t have to freeze your little fingers off to build him! Just because he is not in your front yard for everyone to see does not mean you can’t show him off! Post him to Facebook, email his picture to your friends, or save it in the barn for later!
Snowman Maker
Snowman Maker
Snowman Maker

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