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Gravity Crash

Gravity Crash
Gravity Crash l Version: 2.0 | Size: 16.19MB
Developers: Starkling | Language: English

Get ready to run, jump, slide and fly around different cities with Gravity Crash.
Fun characters, challenging obstacles and exciting backgrounds will engage you to play Gravity Crash for hours.
Inspiration behind the game is theory of geometrical shapes. Characters and dynamic obstacles in Gravity Crash are created with a combination of basic geometrical shapes like squares, triangles, rectangles, ovals, pentagons and octagons.
Game Features
* Many levels with attractive graphics and animations
* New jumping and flying characters for each levels
* Adorable soundtracks
* Collect diamonds to redeem game lives and continue where you crashed
* In Game stats and achievements
* Special levels for Holiday season, Christmas and New Year
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Gravity Crash
Gravity Crash
Gravity Crash

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