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Beat Hazard Ultra

Beat Hazard Ultra
Beat Hazard Ultra l Version: 1.5 | Size: 19.80MB
Developers: Cold Beam Games Ltd | Language:English

Join thousands of people rocking out to their favorite music. Grab this game because it'll make you feel good!
Gameplay Powered by YOUR Music!
Experience YOUR music collection as never before with this intense music driven arcade shooter. (Note: Music must be on SD card - Google cloud music is not possible at the moment)
Blast away to your favorite tracks. Watch your firepower pulse to the energy of the music.
★ 100% - 'Must own for action gamers' - AppSpy
★ 100% - 'Must Have' - Slide To Play
★ 90% - 'Feel the beat!' - 148 Apps
★ 90% - 'It'll blow up your screen' - Touch Arcade
★ Levels created from YOUR music collection (On SD card)
★ Play to internet radio stations
★ Simple 1 stick mode for beginners
★ Twin stick mode for the pros
★ Boss Rush, Survival & Chill Out game modes
★ Rank up and unlock 23 perks
I'd appreciate if you'd report any issues you're having with the game to [email protected], please include your device make and model.
Beat Hazard Ultra
Beat Hazard Ultra
Beat Hazard Ultra

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