Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies
Fruit Flies l Version: 1.1 | Size: 30.82MB
Developers: Lunch Game Studio | Language: English 

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Get your squishing finger ready to stop those pesky flies from eating your fruit! Squish flies against nearby trees before they make it to your cart. Plant new trees when they break with seeds bought in the market and make sure to replenish your fruit supplies when the fruit bar gets low.
• Forty second stages make for great pick up and play action.
• Gradual increase in enemy wave size provides opportunity for fast and easy learning.
• Endless play with short breaks between stages.
• Market time between stages with upgrades bought with coins earned squishing flies.
• Beautiful, scenic backgrounds set in layers to give nice parallaxing effect with camera pans.
• Immersive audio experience provides a squishing good time.
Fruit Flies
Fruit Flies
Fruit Flies

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