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Bunny Jump WoW !!!

Bunny Jump WoW !!!
Bunny Jump WoW !!! l Version: 2.6.2 | Size: 20.69MB
Developers: rubycell | Language: English

The Bunny Jump around!
Playing a role of a cute bunny, coming into the fairytale world.
In a far-off village, it was witnessed a strange Halloween with the traditional custom of Trick or Treat. Slackly following the buddies, a boy named Bee was unfortunately left behind. "Haizz... If only I could have been stronger to catch up with my friends!" sighed the poor boy. Suddenly, a magic lollipop fell down from the middle of nowhere. Bee picked it up to enjoy immediately. And here a miracle came! He was flown into a mysterious portal leading to a fantastic land where he turned into a little Bunny.
It was the time that he had to be more powerful and collect as many as sweety candies.
Why don't you become the hero granting him more miracle? It's you but no other who helps the Bunny discover this mystic wonderland. Just hold your device on and show your extraordinary tilting skill to control Bunny jumping up-down and experience multi-level excitement. Rescuing the villagers, facing off against monsters and exploring a magical adventure full of greatest challenges.
"Little Bunny coming around, E-I-E-I-O.
And on his head there's a Pinwheel, E-I-E-I-O.
With a jump-jump here! Jump-jump there!
Here a jump, there a jump!
Everywhere he jumps.
Little Bunny coming around, E-I-E-I-O"
WOW! Let's jump with the Bunny!
Bunny Jump WoW stands out with:
- Wonderful graphics.
- Addictive gameplay with tilt control.
- Cute and funny animations
- Many in-game stars & items to collect.
- Unlockable special abilities.
- Challenging bosses.
- Host of awesome updates coming.
Bunny Jump WoW !!!
Bunny Jump WoW !!!
Bunny Jump WoW !!!

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