9squared l Version: 1.1 | Size: 54.45MB
Developers: Digitype Games ​| Language: English

Classic puzzle game with tons of new features ! Easy to play at any age !
How to play:
- Drag and drop shapes on the 9x9 board, create full lines of blocks both vertically and horizontally
- Matching the colours is not a condition, BUT it will boost your score and award golden points
Matching Tiles:
- Drag a block over a different colour tile and it will keep its colour. The tile gets the block's colour
- Drag a block over a same colour tile and it will become golden. The tile also becomes golden
- Drag any colour block over a golden tile and it will become golden
- Complete a golden line and receive a permanent multiplier for that line
- Multipliers can go up to X9 !!!
Golden Shapes:
- 28 golden shapes to unlock
- Unlock all the golden shapes for maximum high-scores
Timed Game:
- Challenge your friends and see who can score the most in 120 seconds

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