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Stack'N Puzzles

Stack'N Puzzles
Stack'N Puzzles l Version: 1.88 | Size: 23.74MB
Developers: 77SPARX Studio, Inc. | Language: English

From the maker of the acclaimed Puzzingo Toddler Educational Puzzle game comes a brand new puzzling adventure! Join Stack, a beaver who loves to build puzzles, to piece together his city. As your kid plays the game, he or she will also be learning about everything that goes into museum, fire truck, school, buses and a whole lot more!
"As with puzzingo, my 3yr old prefers this over all other toddler apps on my phone."
"If these developers keep this up i will have to get an extended life battery."
Stack N Puzzles is a puzzle adventure game designed for young children. Children play with Stack the Beaver through playing series of fun, educational, interactive puzzles. The puzzles have over a hundred pieces that bring your child into Stack’s world – with museums, TRex, Fire Engine, Fire Truck, School, and much more. As children play the games, they learn what different objects are and what they sound like. The best part is, as your kid finishes putting together the city, he or she can then interact and play with Stack’s city – from driving the fire engine to put out fire, to capturing the T Rex. There is plenty of excitement and learning for young kids.
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Stack'N Puzzles
Stack'N Puzzles
Stack'N Puzzles

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