Diamo XL

Diamo XL
Diamo XL l Version: 8 | Size: 35.42MB
Developers: Nickervision Studios ​| Language: English

Survive the constant onslaught of obstacles by moving your character to all five zones within the Diamond. Collect points before the enemies smash them and keep moving to keep your multiplier high. Fill in the four triangles to complete the Diamond and get bonus points.
How To Play:
Simply swipe left, right, up or down to move around the Diamonds zones at a high rate of speed, if you touch and hold the screen your player will move at half the speed.
(also features full Controller / Gamepad Support)
-Easy to learn and simple controls
-An endless, fast paced and challenging arcade style game play that constantly gets harder
-Unlock a handful of unique characters to play as with different stats by completing certain tasks
-'Close Call' system that awards extra points for close calls with obstacles.
-Score multiplier and various stat tracking that allows you to perfect your game.
-Google Play Games Achievements and Leader board
-Perfect for playing a round while in Queue for another game :)
The in game audio/SFX was provided by my mouth making noises into a crumby consumer mic, and some royalty free SFX from FreeSFX.
In game song is Royalty Free Music from Bensound called "Moose"
Diamo XL
Diamo XL
Diamo XL
Diamo XL

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