Dodo Fly

Dodo Fly
Dodo Fly l Version: 1.0 | Size: 18.17MB
Developers: ZenGame | Language: English

Enjoy azure sky and beautiful scenery by joining Dodo Fly!!!
The snappiest casual game of 2013 on Google Play!!!
Choose your cute dolphin to explore the vast and mysterious ocean!!!
Millions of marine animals accompany you in this journey!!!
Be careful! Don’t touch any fish and shrimp!!! Or, you’ll get hurt!
Jumping bravely to arrive at the destination with your lovely dolphin!!!
Let’s start this adventure NOW!
Fresh and natural graphics in Dodo Fly definitely impress you.
Cute dolphin and azure vast ocean let you travel freely.
Extremely easy play mode. Just tap the screen to jump and dodge other animals to get destination.
Gorgeous music lightens your travelling experience.
The game is FREE in limited time at present! So Download it now and enjoy the journey!
Here We Go!
How to play:
Dodo Fly is a landscape jumping game, with lovely cartoon dolphin.
*Tap the screen to control your dolphin to jump, and double taps can make it air hike.
*Use various props to get more power-ups to enable cute dolphin to stay in the air longer.
*Remember to dodge marine animals, if you want to survive.
Game Features
★Fresh and natural graphics with lovely and smart dolphin!
★Easy to play. Touch your screen to jump!
★8+ kinds of maps for you to explore!
★Plenty of props enrich this adventure!
★Perfect combination of music and game experience takes you to a wonderful sea world!
Dodo Fly
Dodo Fly
Dodo Fly
Dodo Fly

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