Trap Balls

Trap Balls
Trap Balls l Version: 2.1.4 | Size: 1.28MB
Developers: PIRAMIDA entertainment | Language: English

Simple and addictive. Action and brain.
Two Worlds, total 162 levels, free to play!
If the balls move too fast or too slow, use 'SHAKE' button a few times.
It feels so good! :)
What happens, when a dozen of red balls get lost in the land of green.
Well, nothing much, but you need to trap those balls.
They can't possibly run all over, wherever they want.
- the game grid consists of 9x9 small squares
- place obstacles around central 3x3 area to prevent movement of red balls
- if balls move too slow or too fast, press triangular 'shake' button below
- the game is won when all balls are trapped inside central 3x3 area
- number of moves is limited, time is limited too
- placing square obstacle on grid counts as one move
- removing obstacle from grid counts as one move
- pressing 'shake' button counts as one move
- you cannot place obstacles inside central 3x3 area
- you cannot remove fixed obstacles (available in Turquoise World)
- timer obstacles are removed after 5 seconds (available in Turquoise World)
Game mode WORLDS: play 81 levels on each World
Green World: collect 81 golden balls to unlock the Turquoise World
Turquoise World: collect 81 golden balls to remove ads from game
GOLDEN BALLS: there are two ways to get golden balls
1. When the remaining number of moves on each level is 20 or more.
- except levels 73 and 76-81 on Green world, 4 remaining moves or more are needed
- except levels 63-81 on Turquoise world, 4 remaining moves or more are needed
- 10 (or 2 on exception levels) remaining moves or more = silver ball
- 5 (or 1 on exception levels) remaining moves or more = bronze ball
2. Use Tapjoy button on Green World level selection screen to get golden balls.
- Tapjoy golden balls count the same as regular golden balls
- i.e. 66 regular + 15 Tapjoy = 81 golden balls = unlocked Turquoise World
Game mode CLASSIC: play random single game with various difficulty levels
Normal: balls move with normal speed.
Crazy: you can imagine what this means. But crazy is not impossible.
1. fast fingers
2. some brain
3. some luck
In main menu, slide the arrows left or right to show statistics.
Left side: worlds mode statistics (games played, golden balls).
Right side: classic mode statistics (games played/games won, average/best moves).
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Trap Balls
Trap Balls
Trap Balls
Trap Balls

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