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Diggy Loot: Dig Out - Treasure Hunt Adventure Game

Diggy Loot: Dig Out - Treasure Hunt Adventure Game
Diggy Loot: Dig Out - Treasure Hunt Adventure Game l Version: 1.4.5 | Size: 72.45MB
Developers: Ironwood Studio Limited | Language: English

Let's begin your great adventure. Dig out paths, search for artifacts and reclaim trophies stolen from you.

Take the role of a wise and clever professor in this puzzle adventure digging game. Use your miner and adventurer skills and reclaim your stolen trophies.
Dig out your way through hundreds of great levels (200) filled with puzzles, traps, enemies and other obstacles.

Explore ancient sites and dig out your way to reclaim the trophies that are stolen from you.
Dig out a path and solve puzzles, reclaim trophies stolen by a bad witch.

The game is about finishing quests. Diggy loot: Dig Out Search Treasure is a treasure hunt game for everyone
Are you looking for great digging games or a game similar to miner tycoon? You have just found it!

This game offers multiple easy and advanced levels in mysterious sceneries in the Diggy loot: Dig Out - Treasure Hunt puzzle adventure game. Take a break and play this beautiful digging game.

Diggy loot: Dig Out - Treasure Hunt is a perfect game for all types of players.

Diggy loot: Dig Out Search Treasure Adventure Game: Our digging game features

● Tap/swipe on dirt to clear the way to move
● Remove obstacles from your path
● Complete tasks and earns stars
● Play with friends and earn x 30 gold bars
● Use the level hint if you are having trouble completing a level
● Watch out for those falling blocks
● Jump and land safely
● Disable traps around you
● Complete quests, collect gold boxes, disable blocks and reclaim trophies
● Use hints if you are stuck
● Be a real treasure hunter
● A great way to challenge your brain to solve puzzles
● Be smart. Discover all locked levels
● Finding a treasure is great when you dig out!
● Reclaim trophies stolen by a witch
● Use hints - it helps in digging
● Dig out wisely and gain rewards

Rebuild your trophy room:
Hidden throughout the game, there are artifacts that were stolen from you. Collect these artifacts to repair the trophy rooms in your mansion. Each zone has a unique trophy room.

Hundreds (200) of puzzle levels:
Complete hundreds of levels spread across exciting locations. Visit the beautiful Egypt, China, Rome, Wild West and many others on your journey.

Unique gameplay
Dig out the ground so the professor can move around. Disable traps, eliminate enemies and complete quests to earn

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