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K-Pet Girl 2♥ Sexy Pocket Girl

K-Pet Girl 2♥ Sexy Pocket Girl l Version: 1.0.14 | Size: 46.15MB
Developers: C9ENTERTAINMENT | Language:English 

♥♥♥It's Best Sexy Pet Game on ANDROID♥♥♥
Finally K-Pet Girl2 comes out!
K-Pet Girl2 - Asian Pocket Girl is a dating simulation game.
It's a like hot tamagotchi game
EMILY will be a hot & sexy Pet in your pocket.
Best pass time game series 2
♥♥♥About the K-PET GIRL, EMILY ♥♥♥
She's Korean girl who's from Gangnam of Korea.
She speaks English fluently.
She is a too much hot girl to be a your girlfriend.
She is real Gangnam style Girl.
♥♥♥What is different♥♥♥
More Dresses.
More Interactions.
More Sexy Videos.
And We're prepared Special Interactions
Check it out, Right now!
♥♥♥What you can do with her♥♥♥
1. You can make her to eat.
2. You should wash her body, hair, hands, foot... Do you like some fetish...You can enjoy it.
3. You should put her to sleep...Yes, you can watch her sexual figure.
4. She can easily angry with you. You should always play with her, oh No,, You must play with her cause that's only way to gain a experience of this game and that make you a quiet happy.
5. You should serve shusi, wash the windows and take a pictures of her like a can see a lot of erotic poses of her
6. Your lover, EMILY will ask you many things , you should buy gifts to prove your true love. There's a tip..She really loves high hill.
6. In the last, you can dress her up. There're Pink One-Piece,Sexy Teacher Costume,Adorable School Girl,Hospital Hottie Costume(nurse), Sexy Santa Costume for coming Christmas ...of course you can also see wearing hottie bikini of her
1. There're many mini games
- Love Bubble Bubble ... You should pot love bublle, then you can see a lot of sexy pose
- Washing windows ... You should washing windows.. she'll show you hot pants
- and you can do sexy rock paper scissors and so on
2. You can play with her so then a lot of sexual videos will be viewed for compensation
- She'll dance with hot music in front of you.
- Sometimes your girl fiend seduce you to make love in the pool
- And she'll ask you to drive somewhere. something will be happened in the car... Just you guess...
3. Also If You level up then you can watch a lot of sexy videos of her too, no still photos here.
- It not a virtual girlfriend. she is a real character
- Here's a girl can do everything for you.
- She can be a Student, a Teacher and s hot nurse. sometimes, she can be a sexy police girl
- Are you bored with other games offer some image gallery or video of semi nude hentai anime girls or soft porn bombshells in pasties, or an mixture of half naked Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Adriana Lima pics
Please, Dont just guess what "K-Pet Girl" is...
Now draw your future with her, she'll wait for your a delicate touch !
♥ Caution! Rooted device can't play
♥ It dose not support phones what has under width 480 resolution ♥
♥ If you have any question,email us, ♥

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