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Brain Bot Jr

Brain Bot Jr
Brain Bot Jr l Version: 1.1.1 | Size: 15.01MB
Developers: Daben Liu | Language: English

Brain Bot Jr is getting good reviews from many prominent app review sites for kids. Examples:
***** says, "I'm always on the prowl for apps for older kids and Brain Bot Jr. is a cracker!"
***** says, "Even though BrainBot Jr is specifically designed for six to fourteen years old, this is a fantastic app for adults as well! Your brain can use the workout and you will be happy you did, not to mention the great example you are setting for your kids."
***** says, "Mentally stimulating, Brain Bot Jr, contains six games designed to help improve your memory and attention. Geared for ages 6+, adults will want to play, too."
Are you ready to optimize your brainpower? Have fun while strengthening your working memory and attention skills and maximize your ability to perform on daily life and school tasks with BrainBot Jr.
BrainBot Jr. is designed to bring proven scientific brain training exercises and game playing together into a fun and powerful learning experience for kids. Why be bored while you maximize your brain’s power?
In BrainBot Jr. you’ll identify spies, cross through dark forests and prepare for alien invasions – all while training your brain. You’ll have fun playing games and see the results in school and at home with better attention and memory!
BrainBot Jr has six different multi-level memory and attention games to create personalized training sessions for you. So you have plenty of variety in tasks that will add to the effectiveness of your brain training. Our games are fun - so fun that you might have to actually take a second to realize that your brain is working hard - and that’s just what you need to do to increase your brainpower!
We want you working at just the right level to make progress. So, as you play each game, our system adapts in difficulty level to keep your brain working hard – but with rewards! If something is too difficult, we’ll dial the level down a notch and let you build up again at your pace.
All your progress is tracked and we’ll let you know right away what a great job you’re doing. You’ll find out how fast your reaction speed and accuracy is improving, and we’ll encourage you to keep up the good brainwork!
In the future, we’re planning on adding more games and social components so you can play with your friends and work your brains together! Help us grow a seriously brainy kid community! Train hard and send in your comments to us. We love to hear them!
Specifically designed for 6-14 year old kids. But grown-ups can enjoy the brain training too. Neuroplasticity applies to all ages!
Brain Bot Jr
Brain Bot Jr
Brain Bot Jr
Brain Bot Jr

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