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Bio Collapse HD FREE

Bio Collapse HD FREE
Bio Collapse HD FREE l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 17.31MB
Developers: NomNomNom | Language: English

The ultimate block busting game is now here on Android! If you like match three games, you’ll love Bio Collapse. Tap on any group of blocks to change that color to red. Clear rows of blocks to create Biomass and feed the world! Plan your moves carefully and score huge combos. Stay alive long enough to earn powerful power-ups. The game is over when the entire screen is full of blocks.
Bio Collapse is extremely addicting and fun to play! Simply tap on any of the blocks to infect them and turn them red. Once you have a full row of red blocks, that row is cleared. Simple enough to begin with, but new rows get added with every move. Plan carefully or its game over!
Thanks to the Nom Platform, you can share your score on Facebook and compete with friends on our friends and global leaderboard! The Nom social network exclusive to Android brings you and friends together like never before!
Bio Collapse is a artistic spin on the "Collapse" style games with brilliant colors and hilarious facial expressions. It's harder than it looks!
Key features:
- Highly addictive
- Block blasting
- Great soundtrack!
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Bio Collapse HD FREE
Bio Collapse HD FREE
Bio Collapse HD FREE

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