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Play with Dino

Play with Dino
Play with Dino l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 24.08MB
Developers: Tiltan Games | Language:English

Play with Dino the Dinosaur!
Explore Dino's interactive world in this fun new dinosaur game from Tiltan Games.
Dino is a young dinosaur who likes to play and explore his surrounding.
Play with Dino is an engaging and funny, dinosaur themed, exploration game, aimed for kids between 2-6 years old.
Your kids will discover Dino's world by touching and playing with the different game elements. Interact with almost any element you see. Each element offers a different action and sound for your kids to enjoy:
- Help dino jump to chase away the petrodactyl (flying bird)
- Collect balloons with Dino
- Shake the tree and tap the fruits to see what happens
- Find little Chameleon lizards
- Check the clouds, sun, moon and more to see what each does..
Play with Dino Full game offers 5 different colorfully rich locations, each in day and night themes.
Beautiful HD graphics suitable for the new IPad.
The ground in the game is changing from play to play. Add to that varying colorful scenes to make an alltogether endless exploration grounds for your kids, all in a rich and High Definition graphics.
Enjoy different experience each time:
The changing ground in the game has slopes causing dino to move from side to side. sometimes these slopes can create a little challenge for Dino to reach all the game elements.
The base game offers only the forest location in its night and day themes. If your kid enjoys this game and would like to play all other locations, you can unlock the full game from the game itself by clicking one of the locked locations.
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Tablet, Tab
Made by Tiltan Games
Play with Dino
Play with Dino

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