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Great Fleet Battles - Admiral

★ "Awesome. This is the way Battleship was meant to be played" ★ "Best version of battleships on android" ★ "I really enjoy the additional features added to the traditional battleship game" ★ "great time killer" ★
These are some of the comments for the most addicting Battleship game on Android - it's prettier, more strategic and a lot more exciting!
- Fire up to seven blasts at once - the bigger your ship, the bigger the bang!
- Use the bomber to sink enemy vessels with a single hit
- Find your targets with the submarine's sonar
- Play a single player campaign or challenge the AI or a friend on the instant battle mode
- Beef up your fleet using fleet stars (no real money involved)
- Many play modes, including a classic Battleship mode
- Cool 3D ship models and blasting sound effects
The Admiral's Edition includes these features:
- Play over Bluetooth
Some players reported problems getting Bluetooth connection to work. In this case, please "pair" your devices by going to the Blutooth settings in the "Settings" menu of your phone/tablet.
- An additional campaign
- A new ship
- No Ads!
Faster, more strategic, a lot more exciting - you will never think about Battleship the old way!

Note: When using a device with very high screen resolution (Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab etc.) we recommend an update to Android 3 or 4 for performance reasons.
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Great Fleet Battles - Admiral
Great Fleet Battles - Admiral
Great Fleet Battles - Admiral
Great Fleet Battles - Admiral

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